Hot Stone Massage

What Is A Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage is a popular approach to bodywork. It involves the use of heated rocks to apply heat to specific areas of tissue. Massage therapists prefer basalt rocks for their smoothness and ability to retain heat.

There are many different protocols to perform Hot Stone Massage. In my practice, I place the rocks on the body but also use them as a massage tool.

The session starts in the face-down position. I place warm stones on both sides of your spine, back of your arms, hands, legs and your feet. After a brief warm-up, I remove a few of them and start massaging that area, holding stones in my hands. Next, to keep you warm, I place new rocks back and move to another part of your body. When I finish massaging your back, I remove all the stones and help you turn over. I place rocks on your chest, abdomen, arms, legs, and continue with the treatment. When the massage is over, I will remove the excess oil with a warm, moist towel.

 The pressure used during the treatment is light to medium-deep but never painful. Clients who are new to this massage style are often surprised by how good it feels and how quickly they experience a deep state of relaxation and well-being.

Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Although the benefits of hot stone massage haven’t been researched extensively, it is recognized as a valuable approach to treat general muscle pain, chronic pain,  back pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and osteoarthritis.

It’s that time of a year…

It’s cold and snowy today.  A few hours ago, I took a brisk walk at the forest preserve near my home. At first, it was a pleasant walk but after a while I started to feel that nasty chill in my bones. I immediately thought about my clients who take a train or bus to come to my office or simply walk to get there for their massage.

Special offer

To show you my appreciation, and make you feel more comfortable, I’m going to add complimentary hot stones to your regular treatment through the end of February 2019.

Can Massage Help A Cold Or Flu?

woman sick with flu laying in bed

Can Massage Help Recover From A Cold And Flu?

During the cold and flu season, clients often ask me if massage therapy can help them recover faster.

The answer is – NO.

As a matter of fact, receiving massage while your body is fighting an illness may worsen your condition.

I know you are suffering!

The congestion in your chest is unbearable. The force caused by coughing and seizing makes your muscles tight and sore. Additionally, the flu-related pain in your muscles and joints make you feel exhausted and cranky. While you’re desperate to get some relief from your symptoms, massage therapy isn’t the way to go.

Massage Therapists Are Not Trained To Diagnose

Massage therapists are not trained to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses, and we have no ability to correctly assess your condition. Your best bet is to go see your medical doctor and follow their instructions. They can properly diagnose you, and ensure you are not developing any secondary upper respiratory system problems. You may need medication that will help you boost your immune system and fight the symptoms efficiently.

Common Colds And Flu Are Highly Contagious

Let’s try to remember that both, common colds and the flu are highly contagious during their early stage of incubation and walking around sick is going to spread the virus. Therefore, when you first notice symptoms of illness, call and reschedule your massage, your therapist will be grateful.

Massage Creates A Positive Body Image

A Positive Body Image With Massage Therapy

Do you know that massage helps create a positive body image? My clients are often surprised that over time, after receiving regular massage the way they view themselves improves. They often laugh about the paradox that fear of judgment or shame of not being in perfect shape, have kept them away from something as healing as bodywork.

I remember when I was in massage school and we had our first hands-on class. We were nervous about taking off our clothes and allowing our classmates to touch our bodies. However, several massages later, we were more at ease. Weeks later, when our skills improved, we let go of our concerns and enjoyed our massages. We also discovered that bodies are just bodies.

Practicing massage therapy for more than 16 years has given me the opportunity to witness a phenomenon:

When our bodies feel better, we feel better about our bodies!

So, when considering a massage, remember these bits of sage advice:

  1. Do nothing, don’t get a massage, don’t risk vulnerability. It’s easy, it involves doing nothing. The risk is low because you are not letting another person see or touch you at all. The results of it are zero. Your stress level will be the same and you are still going to be in pain, insecure, and at war with your body.
  2. Your massage therapist should always make sure you feel comfortable. And no, you don’t need to strip nude to receive rewarding bodywork.
  3. When you get a massage, a great one, and the therapist is sensitive and attuned to your needs, you’ll feel respected and then you’ll begin to let your guard down.

Through the years as a massage therapist, I have seen and touched hundreds, perhaps thousands of people; slim, voluptuous, young, old, healthy and those who deal with various health issues. I’ve seen it all! And to tell you the truth, for me, it’s all about what’s going on inside not out.

Whatever your life story, a massage therapist is meant to help you heal. So, stop avoiding massage because you feel uncomfortable about your body. Talk with your therapist about finding a healing option that works for you.

Massage is meant to help you feel better, by reducing stress, controlling or eliminating pain, or assisting in recovery from injury or illness. Don’t let your body image keep you from feeling good!

Your First Massage

Massage in Frankfurt, GermanyAre You Nervous About Your First Massage?

When it comes to getting massage therapy, Chicago residents know that Marzena is the person to see. Marzena specializes in first-time clients. She knows that getting your initial massage can be a little stressful and she’ll go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Her easygoing nature and down-to-earth demeanor will put you instantly at ease.

She’ll take you through the whole process step-by-step. Each session starts off with a private consultation to find out exactly what you need and want. If you feel uncomfortable about anything let her know. She knows what it’s like to get your first massage and understands what you’re feeling.

Many first time clients worry about having to get undressed. Not a problem. You are always securely covered throughout your massage treatment. You only take off as much clothing as you feel comfortable removing.

Marzena would love to be the one to introduce you to the benefits of massage therapy. And with the special massage gift certificate she offers, it only makes sense to see Marzena for your first massage in Chicago.