Expert Massage Therapist

Marzena Kostrzewska LMT, Expert Massage Therapist in Chicago

Shortly after graduating from the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in May 2000, and becoming a massage therapist, I started my practice here in Chicago.

Quickly I realized that I enjoy the medical aspect of massage therapy, and helping clients who suffer from pain gives me great joy. Over the years, I developed skills that allow me to treat a wide range of conditions that include:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • General muscle pain and tension
  • Back, neck, shoulder pain, and tension
  • Migraine and tension headaches
  • TMJ Disorder

And many more.

Combined Knowledge And Skills

One of my greatest strengths as a massage professional is the ability to combine my knowledge and treatment skills. Using intuitive sensitivity, I can detect and relax deeply held patterns of tension. I also believe that only true partnership with the recipient of massage can produce a positive outcome. Therefore, I educate my clients about the importance of bodywork and explain the treatment before I touch them. I also listen to my clients because I believe they have all the information I need to create a successful treatment.

People love my style of work, customized sessions, and my firm yet pain-free touch. They also appreciate the results.

Value of Massage Therapy

My clients recognize the value of regular massage sessions and their impact on their well-being. Many of them in the past have received painful treatment, so they are surprised that a massage therapist can access deeper layers of musculature in a pleasant and relaxing way. Trust me! The treatment doesn’t have to be aggressive for you to experience the therapeutic aspect of massage therapy.

Massage Education

I received my massage education from:

  • Wellness and Massage Training Institute located in Woodridge, Illinois
  • American Massage Therapy Association member
  • Certified in Massage Cupping Technique 
  • Certified in Dermo Neuro Modulating (DNM)
  • I’m a licensed Massage Therapist by the State of Illinois

Contact me today to get started on your healing journey at +1 (773) 281-0404