Expert Massage Therapist

Hello, I’m a massage therapist here in Chicago and my name is Marzena Kostrzewska. I am passionate about taking away your pain with massage therapy and other bodywork. My success is your success and to be able to watch you become happier and healthier is all the joy I need.

Combine Knowledge & Treatment Skills

One of my greatest strengths as a massage professional is the ability to combine my knowledge and treatment skills. Using intuitive sensitivity, I can detect and relax deeply held patterns of tension. I listen to my clients’ comments, for I believe they have all the information I need to help them heal.

My clients love my style of deep tissue massage therapy. They also enjoy the fact that I use a firm touch with other massage techniques. My clients appreciate the fact that I am effective in my work.

Value of Massage Therapy

My clients recognize the value of massage therapy with regular sessions. It can be surprising that a massage therapist can access deeper layers of musculature in a pleasant and relaxing way. Massage therapy doesn’t have to be aggressive in order for you to enjoy the curative aspects of therapeutic massage treatments.

Massage Education

I received my massage education from:

  • Graduate of Wellness and Massage Training Institute located in Woodridge, Illinois
  • Is licensed Massage Therapist by the State of Illinois
  • American Massage Therapy Association member
  • Certified in Massage Cupping Technique

I was taught how to work with cups by my grandmother when I was 15. Over the years, many of my family members and friends enjoyed the benefits of cupping treatment. I am now very excited to see my clients falling in love with this therapy.

Contact me today to get started on your healing journey at +1 (773) 281-0404