Cancellation Policy

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Cancellation Policy

Welcome to Back To Touch Massage Clinic. I understand that unexpected events happen, but missed appointments impact my time and revenue. To maintain fairness with my clients and protect my livelihood, I have a cancellation policy in place.

I Require 24-Hour Advance Notice

Please cancel or reschedule your session at least 24 hours before your appointment. If you cancel after the 24-hour mark, I will charge you the full price for the missed session. If you cannot meet the deadline, contact me immediately, and I may waive your fees if I fill the slot.


If you miss your appointment, I will charge you the entire amount for the missed session. 


I make exceptions for emergencies such as sudden illness, death in the family, or other incidents you can’t control. However, please note that work meetings and work related emergencies may not be considered valid reasons for a late cancellation at no charge.

Making a Payment

You must pay charges for all missed appointments before the next scheduled session. If you have any credit on your account (pre-paid sessions, gift certificates, etc.), the system will deduct the full amount of the missed session from your account.

How to cancel

To cancel or reschedule before the 24-hour mark, you can easily do so online or by calling or texting me directly at 773-281-0404Please avoid canceling via email.

Appointment Confirmation

I will send you a text reminder as a courtesy, one day before your scheduled appointment to help you remember it. It is important that you remember your appointment dates and times to avoid being late, missing appointments, or incurring cancellation fees.

In summary, my cancellation policy ensures that I can continue to provide quality care while protecting my time and financial stability. Thank you for choosing my clinic for your massage therapy needs.