Massage Creates A Positive Body Image

A Positive Body Image with Massage Therapy

Do you know that massage helps create a positive body image? My clients are often surprised that over time, after receiving regular massage the way they view themselves improves. They often laugh about the paradox that fear of judgment or shame of not being in perfect shape, have kept them away from something as healing as bodywork.

I remember when I was in massage school and we had our first hands-on class. We were nervous about taking off our clothes and allowing our classmates to touch our bodies. However, several massages later, we were more at ease. Weeks later, when our skills improved, we let go of our concerns and enjoyed our massages. We also discovered that bodies are just bodies.

Practicing massage therapy for more than 16 years has given me the opportunity to witness a phenomenon:

When Our Bodies Feel Better, We Feel Better About Our Bodies!

So, when considering a massage, remember these bits of sage advice:

  1. Do nothing, don’t get a massage, don’t risk vulnerability. It’s easy, it involves doing nothing. The risk is low because you are not letting another person see or touch you at all. The results of it are zero. Your stress level will be the same and you are still going to be in pain, insecure, and at war with your body.
  2. Your massage therapist should always make sure you feel comfortable. And no, you don’t need to strip nude to receive rewarding bodywork.
  3. When you get a massage, a great one, and the therapist is sensitive and attuned to your needs, you’ll feel respected and then you’ll begin to let your guard down.

Through the years as a massage therapist, I have seen and touched hundreds, perhaps thousands of people; slim, voluptuous, young, old, healthy and those who deal with various health issues. I’ve seen it all! And to tell you the truth, for me, it’s all about what’s going on inside not out.

Whatever your life story, a massage therapist is meant to help you heal. So, stop avoiding massage because you feel uncomfortable about your body. Talk with your therapist about finding a healing option that works for you.

Massage is meant to help you feel better, by reducing stress, controlling or eliminating pain, or assisting in recovery from injury or illness. Don’t let your body image keep you from feeling good!

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2 thoughts on “Massage Creates A Positive Body Image

  • March 29, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    Yes EXACTLY totally agree with you! Great blog! I have resistance from clients sometimes as well! After 14 years I still have to earn people’s trust before they will allow me to massage them! There still is alot who think we do massage parlor stuff which I get sick of hearing about! Long story I digress! We worked hard to become massage therapists not prostitutes! Why can’t men in particular get that we are in the healthcare field nothing else! I’m sure you hear it too from time to time ?.

  • May 3, 2017 at 4:14 am



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